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IB Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations HL


Alg II

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The IB Mathematics course offered at Coconino High School is IB Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations HL and SL taught by Ms. Danielle McClure. In this course; students will study Numbers and Algebra; Functions; Geometry and trigonometry; Statistics and probability; and Calculus in an integrated and applied manner. It emphasizes the meaning of mathematics in context by solving real-world problems.

The two different levels of the course are designed to allow students to enter the IB Math class in the level they are at based on their previous study and comfort level in math. Both levels are†two-year†courses open for students entering their Junior year. IB Mathematics† HL is typically going to be for students who completed through Algebra 2 in their Freshmen and Sophomore years.

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United States

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2801 N Izabel St

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  • MTHA
  • 4 years of Math

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