Course title

Integrated Science 2


Completion of Integrated Science 1

Course description

Tenth-grade science focuses on developing the ability to think and act like a scientist. Students develop a deep understanding of big ideas like the properties; structure and behavior of matter; as well as its interaction with energy. The primary means of investigation is through laboratory exploration; group discussion and readings. Students conduct inquiry and directed lab experiments that require application of concepts learned in class. The first half of the school year investigates the nature of matter and materials by exploring the energy transfers that govern everyday materials at molecular; atomic and subatomic scales. The second half of the year focuses on the activities and systems of living and nonliving things in our environment by applying the properties; behavior and interactions of matter and energy.

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United States

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New York

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New York

High school

Avenues The World School

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259 10th Ave

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Lab Science

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  • LADV
  • Advanced science
  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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Online / Virtual