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Algebra, Geometry and Intro to Algebra for Community College

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This is a two-semester course that prepares a student for additional math courses at the community college and satisfies the state Algebra 2 credit requirement.
The curriculum includes: quadratic; rational; radical; exponential; and logarithmic functions and equations; graphs of quadratic; exponential; and logarithmic functions; equations quadratic in form; operations on rational expressions; radical expressions; and complex numbers; rational exponents; and applications. This course expands on standards from algebra and geometry. MA97 embeds mathematical practices and modeling with mathematics into standards to include the study of rational exponents; quantitative reasoning; the complex number system; and reasoning with equations and inequalities. Instructional time and learning focuses on four critical areas: (1) polynomials; rational and radical relationships; (2) trigonometric functions; (3) modeling with functions; and (4) connecting algebra and geometry through inferences and conclusions from data.

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United States

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63 E. Main St.

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  • MTH3
  • 4 years of Math

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