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Introduction to Business



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Business Fundamentals is an introduction to business concepts; processes and technology in a Virtual Enterprise-type project/technology-driven instructional environment. Students will develop awareness of how these topics relate to both professional and personal use. In addition to core business skills; students will practice self-evaluation; perform career exploration and prepare a long-term career plan. The course examines the functions; use and applicability of software tools available through Microsoft OS; Microsoft Office; Google Suite and the Internet to maximize efficiency and productivity with focus on digital communication; file management; and data processing; management and presentation. Core hardware topics include PC system components; hand-help computing devices; and troubleshooting issues. Other topics include 21st Century work skills and trends; ethics; security; time management; markets; financial planning and analysis; and etiquette in the business environment. Business Fundamentals will provide students with the vision; knowledge; and skills to increase productivity and pursue competitive advantage in the job market and workplace.

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United States

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Newbury Park

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Newbury Park High School

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456 Reino Road

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  • CTE
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Online / Virtual