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Introduction to Choreography A +B



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This beginning level choreography course will introduce students to both the exploration of the choreographic process and the basic tools used in choreography. Students will learn through improvisations; assignments; class discussions; and the completion of a final piece. Journals will also play an important role in the learning process; in order to record material discussed in class and personal thoughts and reflections on the creative process of choreography. This course is guided by the book: The Intimate Act of Choreography; by Blom and Chaplin. Students will also receive handouts that will serve as a source for group discussions. Students areā€  encouraged to attend as many professional dance performances as possible (field trip opportunities will be available during the year). Students are required to present a choreographic work at the end of the year performance.

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United States

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Andrada Polytechnic High School

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13801 E. Benson Hwy

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Fine Arts

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  • FIAR
  • 1 year of Fine Art

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Online / Virtual