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Introduction to Data Science


Integrated Math IAB and Integrated Math IIAB

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The Introduction to Data Science course will emphasize the use of statistics and computation as tools for creative work, as a means of telling stories with data. Its content will prepare students to "read" and think critically about existing data stories. Ultimately, this course will be about how we tell good stories from bad, through a practice that involves compiling evidence from one or more sources and often requires hands-on examination of one or more data sets. It will develop the tools, techniques and principles for reasoning about the world with data. It will present a process that is iterative and authentically inquiry-based, comparing multiple "views" of one or more data sets. Inevitably, these views are the result of some kind of computation, producing numerical summaries or graphical displays. Their interpretation relies on a special kind of computation, simulation, and modeling to describe the uncertainty in each view. This kind of reasoning is exploratory and investigatory, sometimes framed as hypothesis evaluation and sometimes as hypothesis generation. R, the statistical programming language used by academics and industry, will be used to bring data science to life. The main goal of the Introduction to Data Science course is to teach students to think critically about and with data. This new and innovative curriculum will meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for High School Statistics and Probability, relevant second-year Algebra Introduction to Data Sciences probability standards, the Modeling standard, relevant mathematics standards. This course emphasizes the CCSS High School — Statistics and Probability Standards that involve the study of data science. Students authentically apply the Standards for Mathematical Practice throughout the course.

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United States

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La Crescenta

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Crescenta Valley High School

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2900 Community Ave.

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  • MTH3
  • 4 years of Math

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