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Introduction to Literature


Composition I

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Introduction to Literature focuses on the art of fiction; drama; and poetry. Students closely examine literature that challenges and enlightens. Engagement with these works stimulate independent; analytical thinking that is shared through writing and discussion. Students will:

∑†Effectively analyze literature from various genres.∑†Demonstrate an understanding of literary genres and their many forms.∑†Explain literature in its historical and cultural context.∑†Analyze fiction through the elements of character; setting; plot; point of view;


symbols; and theme.∑†Analyze drama by dissecting it into the elements of character; setting; plot; dialogue;

theme; and staging.∑†Analyze poetry through the poetic devices of form; sound; imagery; symbolism; tone;

and theme.∑†Compare and contrast literature within and across genres.

COMMENT: This is a concurrent enrollment course. In addition to high school credit; students will earn 3 college credits at NICC. Contact your school counselor and/or the admissions office of the postsecondary institution you plan to attend for more information on the transferability of the credits.

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