MAT103 : College Mathematics Prep

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MAT103 : College Mathematics Prep
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Requesting the course count as a 4th year math.

Official Course DescriptionFoundational knowledge of topics necessary for success in College Mathematics. Emphasis on understanding mathematical concepts and their applications. Topics include number sense, proportional reasoning, numerical and algebraic expressions, linear equations, and representations of data.Official Course Competencies
  1. Utilize appropriate technology for problem solving.
  2. Model, solve, and interpret solutions to real world problems.
  3. Identify, analyze, and express mathematical relationships in written problems.
  4. Estimate and round numbers appropriately.
  5. Convert between decimals, fractions, percents, and words.
  6. Compute numerical expressions involving exponents and roots.
  7. Apply the order of operations to numerical expressions involving integers and rational numbers.
  8. Set up and solve proportion and percent problems.
  9. Distinguish appropriate uses of additive and multiplicative reasoning.
  10. Simplify linear expressions including combining like terms and applying the distributive property.
  11. Solve linear equations.
  12. Given multiple representations, identify corresponding input and output values and interpret their meanings in context.
Course Requirements
  1. You must complete all assignments in the course to be eligible to get a passing grade.
  2. Examinations: There are two examinations (a midterm and a final). You must take both of them in person. You can contact the Testing Center for location and hours. It is strongly recommended that you do all the reviews prior to the midterm and final. See the Exams section below for more information on taking your Midterm and Final exams.
  3. Note: You must earn a combined average of at least 60% on the midterm and final exams in order to pass the course.

*A note about tests and homework: You may use your first attempt at a chapter test either as a pre-test or as your test for a grade. If you choose to use it as a pre-test, your homework will become available and will be automatically adjusted to reflect those areas where you need practice. However, remember that the homework itself carries no point value. Once you have completed the homework with the minimum target value of 70%, the test re-takes will become available to you.

DateAssignmentsWeek 1Syllabus Acknowledgement RioLearn Lesson: Course IntroductionChapter 1 TestWeek 2Chapter 2 TestWeek 3Chapter 3 TestWeek 4Chapter 4 TestWeek 5Chapter 5 TestWeek 6Chapter 10 Test (10.1&10.2 Only)Practice Midterm Exam Acknowledgement/AgreementWeek 7Midterm ExamWeek 8Chapter 6 TestWeek 9Chapter 7 TestWeek 10Chapter 8 TestWeek 11Chapter 9 Test (9.7 not covered)Week 12Chapter 10 Test (10.7 &10.8 not covered)Week 13Chapter 15 Test (15.1&15.2 Only)Practice Final Exam Acknowledgement/AgreementWeek 14Final Exam
Time RequirementsRemember that this is a three credit-hour class. As such, you will need to dedicate significant time to this course. Plan to spend at least three hours on course content and at least six hours on homework for a total of at least nine hours each week. Be prepared to double your weekly class and study time if you choose an accelerated calendar.Grading Procedure and ScaleGrading Procedure

Letter grades for examinations and the course will be determined by the following criteria:

12 Chapter Tests (100 points each)=1200 pointsOne Midterm Exam=2400 pointsOne Final Exam=2400 pointsTotal Points=6000 points

Grading Scale

The final course grades will be determined by the following scale:

Grade DeterminationGradePointsPercentageA5370 - 6000 points90% - 100%B4770 - 5369 points80% - 89%C4170 - 4769 points70% - 79%D3570 - 4169 points60% - 69%F0 - 3569 points0% - 59%

Please note: The grading procedure for this course is based on the total number of points possible.

The grading scale is administered equally to all students in the course. Do not expect to receive a grade higher than that earned by your total points. There will be no "point adjustments" made for such things as "class participation" or other subjective factors.

Extra credit is not available for this course.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Per ABOR, in order to be considered a math, a course needs to meet the following requirement "Applicants must complete 4 high school credits in collegepreparatory mathematics including algebra i and ii, geometry, and culminating in 1 credit in advanced mathematics for which algebra ii is a prerequisite."Policy: course does not include a pre-requisite. Please resubmit with math pre-requisite information included.

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