MAT114: College Algebra Prep

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MAT114: College Algebra Prep
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Requesting this be counted as a 4th year math.

Official Course DescriptionProper use of function notation, average rate of change of functions, and evaluating arithmetic and algebraic expressions. Analysis of linear and quadratic equations, and their applications; graphs of linear and quadratic functions; operations on polynomial expressions.Official Course Competencies
  1. Perform operations to evaluate expressions that include integers, fractions, decimals, exponents, and radicals, including the order of operations.
  2. Evaluate arithmetic and algebraic expressions.
  3. Simplify expressions involving integer and rational exponents.
  4. Perform operations on polynomial expressions.
  5. Write polynomials in factored form.
  6. Graph and determine domain, range, and other key characteristics of functions, including linear and quadratic functions.
  7. Demonstrate the proper use of function notation.
  8. Determine and interpret the average rate of change of linear and quadratic functions.
  9. Solve linear and quadratic equations (including those with complex solutions) using multiple methods and represent solutions exactly and approximately.
  10. Solve linear inequalities in one variable and represent solutions graphically, algebraically, and in interval notation.
  11. Model, analyze and interpret real-world problems using linear and quadratic functions.
  12. Given sufficient information or data, write a linear equation.
  13. Solve systems of linear equations in two variables.
Course Requirements
  1. You must complete all online tests in the course to be eligible to get a passing grade.
  2. Examinations: There are two examinations (a midterm and a final). You must take both of them in person. You can contact the Testing Center for location and hours. It is strongly recommended that you do all the reviews prior to the midterm and final. See the Exams section below for more information on taking your Midterm and Final exams.
  3. Note: You must earn a combined average of at least 60% on the midterm and final exams in order to pass the course.
  4. There is an assigned start date and end date. It is your responsibility to keep up with the course work, and if you need to withdraw, it must be done on or before the Last Date to Withdraw from your course, per Rio Salado policy.

*A note about tests and homework: You may use your first attempt at a chapter test either as a pre-test or as your test for a grade. If you choose to use it as a pre-test, your homework will become available and will be automatically adjusted to reflect those areas where you need practice. However, remember that the homework itself carries no point value. Once you have completed the homework with the minimum target value of 70%, the test re-takes will become available to you.

Time RequirementsRemember that this is a four credit-hour class. As such, you will need to dedicate significant time to this course. Plan to spend at least four hours on course content and at least eight hours on homework for a total of at least twelve hours each week. Be prepared to double your weekly class and study time if you choose an accelerated calendar.Grading Procedure and ScaleGrading Procedure

There are 6000 total possible points for this course.

12 online chapter tests=1200 pointsMidterm Exam 40%=2400 pointsFinal Exam 40%=2400 pointsTotal Points Possible=6000 points


Grading Scale

Letter grades for assignments, examinations, and the course will be determined by the following scale:

5370 - 6000 points=A90%-100%4770 - 5369 points=B80%-89%4170 - 4769 points=C70%-79%3570 - 4169 points=D60%-69%0 - 3569 points=F0%-59%

Note: The grading procedure for this course is based on the total number of possible points, but you must complete all of the assigned test and exams in order to obtain a grade for MAT114.

The grading scale is administered equally to all students in the course. Do not expect to receive a grade that is higher than what you earned by your total points. There will be no point adjustments made for such things as class participation or other subjective factors.

Extra credit is not available for this course.

  • The midterm exam will have 40 multiple-choice questions over chapters R-5. The midterm can only be taken once.
  • The final exam will have 40 multiple-choice questions over chapters 7-11. The final can only be taken once.
  • You are permitted to use a calculator on the midterm and final.
  • You need to bring a picture I.D. with you to the midterm and final.

This course contains in-person exams which must be completed at an approved testing site. Students who live within Maricopa county please see Midterm and Final Exam Information for Rio Salado testing sites and hours of operation.

Students who live outside of Maricopa County or are registered with Disability Resources and Services must request to have exams proctored by submitting the Proctored Test Request Form during the first two weeks of class. This form and additional information regarding proctoring and proctoring services may be found here.

Contact the Testing Center at (480) 517-8560 or (866) 517-8560 -Free) with any questions.

Late or Missing Assignments

Assignments that have due dates are due on time according to the due dates in your gradebook. If you need to request an extension for an assignment, a request must be made to your instructor via RioLearn at least one week prior to the due date. You can request a due date change from the "Modify Due Dates" button in the "Due Dates" tab of your RioLearn Gradebook.

Late points may be applied at the instructor's discretion.

Submitting Assignments

All assignments, except the Midterm and Final, are located in MyMathLab.

Find required acknowledgements and Lesson introductions in the Syllabus and Lessons areas in RioLearn.

Course Completion Policy

A student who registers for a Distance Learning course is assigned a "start date" and an "end date." It is the student's responsibility to note due dates for assignments and to keep up with the course work.

If a student falls behind, she/he must contact the instructor and request an extension of her/his end date in order to complete the course.

It is the prerogative of the instructor to decide whether or not to grant the request.

Copyright Acknowledgements

Some images used in courses are from collections licensed by Rio Salado College.

   Final Grade Options
    • Letter grade (A, B, C, D, F)

    • Extension (in lieu of an incomplete grade): Students may request an assessment extension because of illness or other extenuating circumstances, if they have been doing acceptable work. Assessment extensions may extend up to two weeks beyond the established course end as indicated in the gradebook. Please Note: Assessment extensions are given at the instructor’s discretion. Instructors are not obligated to give extensions.

    • Withdrawal (W) - Students may submit a withdrawal request on or prior to the "Last Date to Withdraw" indicated in their RioLearn Gradebook.

    • Withdrawn Failing (Y) – Students may be removed from their classes with a Withdrawn Failing (Y) grade for non-participation, which counts like an F in GPA calculation.

      Instructors are unable to process withdrawals on behalf of a studentA student wishing to withdraw from a class within the stated timeline must do so by visiting In extreme circumstances, students do have the option of requesting a complete withdrawal from the college by providing Student Enrollment Services with appropriate documentation.

      Before withdrawing, students should consider contacting their instructor and/or Rio's Counseling Services to see what options are available to help them stay in class.

      STUDENTS – STOP Before You Drop! A withdrawal request is irrevocable, and may affect future Financial Aid, Visa status, Veteran benefit eligibility, scholarship eligibility and may delay graduation. Please be sure that it is the right option for you before submission.


    • Credit/No Credit Option (P/Z) - Some courses may be offered with a credit/no credit option which, if offered, would be identified in the Grading Procedure and Scale section of this syllabus. See detailed information about the (P/Z) option here.

Note: Choosing the P/Z option is a permanent change to the gradebook. A P/Z grade will not be changed to a letter grade after the course end date.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Per ABOR, in order to be considered a math, a course needs to meet the following requirement "Applicants must complete 4 high school credits in collegepreparatory mathematics including algebra i and ii, geometry, and culminating in 1 credit in advanced mathematics for which algebra ii is a prerequisite."Policy: course does not include a pre-requisite. Please resubmit with math pre-requisite information included.

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