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high school cumulative GPA of 2.79

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This course is intended for college-bound students who plan to pursue a non-STEM field. During this course; students will solve problems from many different topicsof mathematics. Topics included are: set theory; logic; algebra; graphs; counting techniques; probability; statistics; personal finance; and number representations. The pace and content of this course are college level.

Alignment to Standards:†This course is aligned with the unit objects of the NICC Math for Liberal Arts course.

COMMENT: This is a concurrent enrollment course. In addition to high school credit; students will earn 3 NICC college credits. Contact your school counselor and/orthe admissions office of the postsecondary institution you plan to attend for more information on the transferability of the credits.

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United States

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3715 Pennsylvania Avenue

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  • MTHA
  • 4 years of Math

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