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Modern World History Seminar



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Modern World History Seminar is an exploration of global places; events; characters; and cultural developments from roughly the 14th Century to the present with an emphasis on ideological balance and seminar exploration of important texts of political philosophy. The course will emphasize the growing ambitions and increasing frictions of peoples in the world and the various attempts to find solutions that will lead to prosperity and harmony with an emphasis on the consequences of the Western European experience. Exploration; technological advancement; and the expanding interests of sovereign nation states between the 14th and 17th centuries is the starting point. The course examines narrative details encompassing rigorous attention to historical facts as well as the deeper exploration of important primary resources. Students will develop critical historical reasoning skills necessary both to be an informed citizen of the United States and leader in the contemporary global village.

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United States

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10130 N. Oracle Road, Suite 210

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Social Science

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  • SSCI
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