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Online Earth Science Course Description
This course explores the origin and structure of Earth as well as its atmosphere and outer space. Some of the areas covered include (but not limited to): Geology (minerals, earthquakes, and volcanoes), oceanography (oceans, rivers, and erosion), meteorology (weather and climate), and astronomy (the planets, asteroids, and stars). Additionally, students will explore and the scientific method, air quality index, Richter scale and different landforms created by many methods with examples of glaciers and wave erosion.
Students taking this online course on our campus will be exposed to and asked to participate in classroom experiments and examples that will take place in our face-to-face class.

Course Assignments
There are three different types of assignments in the Earth Science course: Worksheets, projects, and exams. This course is monitored by the in-class lab adviser and graded by the onsite teacher-of-record (TOR). Supplemental assignments and continued education will take place in the classroom with the TOR. Students present projects directly to TOR.

Bench Mark Exams
Before you even begin working on worksheets and projects, you must complete your initial (Earth Science) benchmark exam. After you have completed several chapters of work, you will be required to complete an ending (Earth Science) benchmark exam. Both exam scores (initial and ending) are tied to your Earth Science extra credit (read more below). Failure to complete either of these benchmark exams (initial and ending) will result in a failing grade in Earth Science. MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE BOTH BENCHMARK EXAMS BEFORE YOU FINISH THE COURSE.

Course Syllabus
At the end of each chapter you are required to complete a project. Projects take more time and require more effort than worksheets. Make sure you follow all project directions and be sure to complete the entire project before you submit your work. Submitted projects that are partially done and/or not completed according to directions WILL NOT be given credit. The incorrectly done project will have to then be redone and resubmitted. If you do complete a chapter project correctly but receive a poor grade, you are more than welcome to redo that project and then resubmit it back to SCORE for re-grading. REMEMBER: In order to gain credit in Earth science, YOU MUST COMPLETE EVERY PROJECT according to directions.

Midterm and Semester Exams
Midterm exams take place halfway through the Earth Science course. Semester exams take place near the end of the Earth Science course. You cannot attempt these exams without first contacting your lab adviser/onsite classroom teacher-of-record. These exams are password protected and only your lab adviser can get you started. You are allowed to use notes on both exams. However, any notes you use must be hand written and created by you. If you are caught using typed notes or notes from another student, you will immediately be withdrawn from Earth Science with a failing grade. You only get one chance to complete each exam, so make it count.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

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