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Physics- Online Edgenuity


Biology, Algebra 1

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2 Sem.† 1.0 Credit

Physics is a course; which enables the student to learn about the properties of the physical world; through experimentation.† Students use information discussed in class to design and conduct experiments to study physical theories and concepts.† Through experimentation; students investigate motion; gravity; energy; electricity; and optics.† Understanding of the concepts; not memorization of formulas; is emphasized.† Physics lays the basis for the other sciences.† The course is designed to build on previous science experience.†

Open To:† Grades 10-12†††††††

Prerequisites:† Algebra 1-2


This science course includes several lab lessons. These can be identified in the Course Structure by using your browser?s ?Find? function. Simply search for ?Lab:?†

Activities in the Lab Lessons

Each lab lesson has seven activities. Like other lessons; the lab lesson contains a Warm-up; Instruction; and a Summary. However; each lab lesson also contains four additional activities: Virtual Lab; Wet Lab; Reflect on the Lab; and Lab Report.

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