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Phenomena in Natural Science


Biology and Chemistry (or concurrent enrollment)

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This integrated lab science course is designed to promote the use of the scientific process to explore natural phenomena.† Students will be creating; analyzing; and communicating the results of data models with a focus on physical; Earth; and space sciences.

Students will be able to analyze and interpret data and communicate and engage in arguments from evidence regarding results.† The scientific process will guide exploration and lead to students? ability to create explanations of natural phenomena.† Data models will be created and subject to statistical analysis to show a correlation between variables; allowing students to draw conclusions and make predictions.†

Phenomena in Natural Science prioritizes the NGSS instructional strategy of using phenomena and the 5E method to engage students with the science and engineering practices included in the Arizona Standards for High School Science.

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United States

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500 W Galveston Rd

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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