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Physical Science



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Physical Science will provide a hands-on physical science class which combines units of study from both Chemistry and Physics. The first semester will focus on basic chemistry topics including measurement; chemical reactions and balancing chemical equations. The second semester of this course will focus on physics topics including forces; energy; laws of motion; waves; and thermodynamics. This course is intended for students who want to explore chemistry and physics concepts before or in place of committing to a year-long course in either subject. This course may also be appropriate for students who are interested in Chemistry & Physics; and are still developing their math skills since it would be designed for students to explore and probe in Chemistry & Physics rather than to prove mathematically in these two areas of science. This class will provide both developed content and lab experiences for the students.

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United States

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480 E James Ave, Grantsburg, WI

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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Online / Virtual