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Physical Science Honors



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Honors Physical Science is a physical laboratory science course that focuses on the topics of the Scientific Process, Physics, Space Science, and Earth Science through the use of inquiry and mathematics. Students will obtain, evaluate, and communicate scientific information by reading scientific texts, using mathematical practices, conducting numerous hands-on laboratory investigations, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, and communicating their scientific knowledge through writing and speaking. This course will lay a solid foundation for students to pursue multiple avenues of science in high school and beyond. The course format will follow these objectives in the delivery of the content: Peer discussion, critical thinking, technical writing, and computational problem-solving are the hallmarks of Honors Physical Science. As such, students will consistently use scientific writing and computational problem-solving, both in class and out, as a means to express ideas and prepare for investigations. The course is discussion-oriented and lecture-based. The instructor provides background to inform the discussion and to guide investigations and prompts students for discussion through questioning and complex math problems. Students work to develop the ability to critically think about a broad range of ideas and learn to perform complex calculations within the science content. In addition, students will explore concepts and problems in depth rather than quickly and superficially, and by being carefully exposed to and guided through the methods of problem-solving and critical thinking. Students learn to see the broad implications of each concept, as well as learn to analyze and synthesize concepts and material. Students work to become more independent as critical thinkers, demonstrating the ability to use knowledge and logic when discussing ideas and solutions. The classroom environment is open to many perspectives and problem-solving techniques, where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks and feel safe doing so.

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United States

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Horizon CLC Honors High School

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16233 S 48th St

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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