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Physical Science - Virtual



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This full-year course focuses on traditional concepts in chemistry and physics; and encourages exploration of new discoveries in this field of science. The course includes an overview of scientific principles and procedures; and leads students toward a clearer understanding of matter; energy; and the physical universe. As students refine and expand their understanding of physical science; they will apply their knowledge in experiments that require them to ask questions and create hypotheses. Throughout the course; students solve problems; reason abstractly; and learn to think critically.†

Course Objectives†

Throughout the course; you will meet the following goals:†

∑ Examine the periodic table and determine the properties of an element.†

∑ Investigate the structures; types; and properties of matter.†

∑ Learn about chemical bonds and chemical reactions.†

∑ Explain the relationship between motion and forces.†

∑ Recognize the interdependence of work and energy.†

∑ Relate heat and temperature change on the macroscopic level to particle motion on the microscopic level.†

∑ Demonstrate an understanding of waves; including sound and light.†

∑ Analyze the connection between electricity and magnetism.

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United States

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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