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Science Lab

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Show your students the important role that physics plays in the harmony between scientific knowledge and Christian belief with the Physics Homeschool Student Kit. This course starts with concepts that the students have learned in their previous science classes and builds upon those foundational concepts to teach the most recent developments in physics, such as mechanics and engineering. Included in this kit is the text book, quiz book, test book, and the lab manual. Combine with the Physics Parent Kit to provide your students with high-quality learning of both theoretical and practical aspects of physics.Reinforce concepts taught in class with the 20 demonstrations in this Laboratory Manual. Study projectile motion, static friction, properties of waves, magnetism, and more with the hands on activities specifically detailed in these demonstrations. Each lab comes complete with a stated purpose, introduction, equipment list, instructions, and lab sheet for reporting results. Bring physics concepts to life with this Laboratory Manual. 

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United States

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New Kent

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Wagner Homeschool

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9810 New Kent Highway

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Lab Science

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  • LPHY
  • Physics

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