Course title

Physics 1 (Honors)


Successful completion of Algebra 1

Course description

This is a rigorous physical science course intended for accelerated 9th grade students who have already completed Algebra I and are motivated toward honors-level study in science and mathematics. The concepts taught here serve as an excellent foundation for further study in the disciplines of chemistry and biology. This course is sufficient preparation for college level studies in the area of introductory physics. The course integrates history, mathematics, and technical communication skills. Through successful completion of this course, a student will be able to develop a mastery of the basic tools of physics and chemistry, including fundamental concepts and applications, computational skills, and analytical skills. Hands-on lab experiences performed at home and computer simulations are used to further develop the concepts in the course as well as to teach the principles and skill of writing a formal lab report. Topics include: the nature of scientific knowledge, the scientific method, Newton’s laws of motion, energy, heat and temperature; waves, sound and light; electricity and DC circuits; fields and magnetism; physical and chemical properties; models of the atom, chemical bonding, and chemical reactions. Students typically spend 1-2 hours a week participating in wetlabs. List of wetlabs: Determining solubility and the noting effect of temperature on solubility Accurately determining density with correct lab technique and computer-based analysis

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United States

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Austin, TX

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Wilson Hill Academy

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1300 W Lynn St

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Lab Science

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  • LPHY
  • Physics

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Online / Virtual