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Physics w/Lab


Algebra I

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Evaluation of Laboratory Science Courses-Physics Lab

Student Name: Elizabeth Hebing††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Student ASU ID:

Name of Course: Physics w/Lab

Duration of Study: Full Year (course still in progress)††††††††††††††††††††††

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Integrated Physics & Chemistry;Paradigm Alternative Centers; Inc.; copyright 2014. This is a 2-year course; whereby both Chemistry and Physics courses are completed. Physics labs kits/experiments through Home Science Tools website; and Physics Introduction Kit and Electricity Essentials Set; which are complete lab kits with study guides from Home Science Tools; copyright 2019. The labs were graded by the student?s parents. Silvia Johnson; a counselor at North Atlantic Regional High School; reviewed and certified the work/grades given for the labs.

Approximately how many hours per week do students spend conducting hands-on laboratory experiments in this course? Approximately 60 minutes/week

Please provide a list of all the laboratory experiments or projects you do that require manipulation of equipment.


Scientific Method

Newton?s First Law of Motion:

Experiment #1: Objects at Rest Remain at Rest

Experiment #2: Force to Move Objects from Rest

Experiment #3: Objects in Motion Remain in Motion

Experiment #4: Force to Change Speed or Direction of a Moving Object

Newton?s Second Law of Motion:

Experiment #5: Force and Acceleration

Experiment #6: Force and Mass

Newton?s Third Law of Motion:

Experiment #7: Action and Reaction

Newton?s Law of Universal Gravitation:

Experiment #8: Pendulum

Experiment #9: Falling Objects

Work and Energy:

Experiment #10: First Class Lever

Experiment #11: Second Class Lever

Experiment #12: Third Class Lever

Experiment #13: Balance

Experiment #14: Inclined Plane


Experiment #15: Fixed Pulley

Experiment #16: Moveable Pulley

Experiment #17: Block and Tackle Pulley

Solar and Alternative Energy:

Experiment #18: DIY Solar Oven

Experiment #19: Pinwheel Wind Turbine

Electricity and Circuits:

Experiment #20: Electrolysis: Splitting Water

Experiment #21: Electroplating: Copper-plated Key

Experiment #22: Build a Circuit: Parallel and Series Circuits

Experiment #23: Build a Saltwater Circuit

Experiment #24: DIY Galvanometer

Experiment #25: Tomato Battery


Experiment #26: Make a Light Fountain

Experiment #27: How to Make a Spectroscope

Experiment #28: Fireworks Glasses


Experiment #29: Water Glass Xylophone

Experiment #30: DIY Soundproofing

Please refer to the uploaded document for a list of laboratory equipment used in the course and a sample of a laboratory report completed during the course.

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North Atlantic Regional High School

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Lab Science

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