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Post-AP: Literature & Art


a score of 3 or higher on the AP English Literature & Composition exam

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From Aristotle to literary critics today; there has been many theories as to what can be considered Art and how to create art. Aristotle believed art imitated life; and Oscar Wilde believed the opposite. What happened in between and how did it affect Literature? In this course; we will read the criticisms of different literary critics throughout time to see how the opinions to the question ?What is Art?? has changed. We will spend a few weeks in each literary period to ensure understanding of the opinions of Art from Ancient Greece to present day America. The corresponding Literature from each period will be analyzed in context of the criticisms we read. Literary analyses will then be written on a piece of Literature from each period; and a critical theory will be used as a source to further analyze the piece. For example; a literary analysis of Oscar Wilde?s play; "Salome" will be written in conjunction with the reading and understanding of his essay; ?The Decay of Lying.?

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