Post-AP: Rhetoric of World Religions and Philosophies

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Post-AP: Rhetoric of World Religions and Philosophies
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This class will focus on the rhetoric of writings about meaning, exploring adherents of various world religions and philosophers. In the first trimester, students will explore world religions with readings from adherents and scholars. Through class discussion and written assignments, they will analyze not just the political, social, and cultural implications of religion but also the method by which those beliefs are expressed. In the second trimester, students will deal with philosophical problems with readings from both classical and modern philosophers. They will explore questions like “Can computers think?” and “What is the self?” Students will be invited to participate in debate and also analyze the ways in which philosophers make arguments. In the third trimester, students will explore works of literature that promote a worldview. Writers like Camus and Tolstoy will be read along with poets like Khalil Gibran. Students will analyze work allegorically and discuss literature as an avenue for expressing values.

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BASIS Charter Schools

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Monday, November 4, 2019

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