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Pre-AP English I



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Texts take center stage; preparing students for close; critical reading and analytical writing. The course trains readers to observe small details in a text to arrive at a deeper understanding of the whole. It also trains writers to create complex sentences?building this foundational skill en route to sophisticated; longer-form analyses. (not available at all schools)

The Pre-AP English areas of focus; Reading Closely; Valuing Evidence; and Noticing Language Choices; are practices that students develop and leverage as they engage with content.† These areas of focus are vertically aligned to the practices embedded in other English courses in high school; including AP and in college; giving students multiple opportunities to strengthen and deepen their work with these skills throughout their educational career.††

These areas of focus help to identify and prioritize the practices that are so fundamental to the study of English that they occur consistently throughout the full course of study.

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United States

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14388 N. 79th Avenue

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  • ENGL
  • 4 years of English

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