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Precalculus Honors


Completion of College Algebra Honors

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This course is designed for students with a high interest and motivation in mathematics.† The students are expected to come to class prepared to actively engage and solve problems.† Each day will involve active participation and demonstration of the current math concept.† Students will analyze and interpret the behavior and nature of functions and their graphs including polynomial; rational; conics; exponential; logarithmic; power; absolute value; and piecewise-defined functions.† Topics will also include systems of equations and inequalities; sequences; series and probability. ††Students will apply the mathematics that they are learning to solve real-life problems. This class is offered for dual enrollment through SMCC.† The course title is MAT 187 for 5 college credits.††

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United States

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Horizon CLC Honors High School

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16233 S 48th St

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  • MTHA
  • 4 years of Math

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Online / Virtual