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SCI010A Environmental Science



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Environmental Science Course Description:

This course surveys key topic areas including the application of scientific process to environmental analysis; ecology; energy flow; ecological structures; earth systems; and atmospheric, land, and water science. Topics also include the management of natural resources and analysis of private and governmental decisions involving the environment. Students explore actual case studies and conduct hands-on, unit-long research activities, learning that political and private decisions about the environment and the use of resources require accurate application of scientific processes, including proper data collection and responsible conclusions.

1st Semester Hands-on Labs and Activities

3.03 Collecting Environmental Data- Collecting Your Data

3.04 Remote Sensing 1- Analyze Remote Sensing Data

3.05 Remote Sensing 2-Tracking the spread of sulfur

3.06 Analyzing Data- Analyzing Temperature Data

3.08 Using the Metric System Effectively- Metric System Lab

4.08 Think Globally, Act Locally

4.12 Water Cycle

5.05 Biomes Near You

5.09 Field Study: Take a Walk-Biotic Factor Day

5.10 Field Study: Take a Walk Abiotic Factor Day 1

5.11 Field Study: Take a Walk Abiotic Factor Day 2

6.02 Population Dynamics

6.05 Field Study: Ecosystems 1

6.06 Field Study: Ecosystems 2

6.11 Field Study: Ecosystems 3

6.12 Field Study: Ecosystems 4

6.15 Population Growth Activity

7.05 Field Study: Water Resources 1

7.06 Field Study: Water Resources 2



1st Semester Digital Labs and Activities

2.08 Environmental Effects of DDT

3.09 Significant Digits and Scientific Notation- Practice

4.01 Earth Systems-Graphic Organizer

4.02 Lithosphere- Plate Tectonics/Theory of Continental Drift

4.03 Atmosphere- Science Lab: Weather Patterns

5.08 Dichotomous Key

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