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SCI203AE3 Summit Biology A (virtual)



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This course employs both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.†The major units of study in the fall are cells; genetics; and scientific processes. This course is†aligned to the Arizona state science standards. This course asks students to complete both†online learning modules and assessments and requires hands-on weekly laboratory†experiments. This course is designed to prepare students to take the ?Arizona Sci? state test;†and the ACT test. Students are also required to attend and participate in weekly live†synchronous lessons taught by a Arizona State certified and highly qualified Biology course†instructor.

U2 Lab rine Shrimp (Hands-On)U2 Lab Brine Shrimp†(Hands-On)U2 Catalase Enzyme Action†(Hands-On)U2 Catalase Enzyme Action†(Hands-On)U3 Eggsperiment†(Hands-On)U3 Eggsperiment†(Hands-On)U3 Heart Rate Lab†(Hands-On)U3 Heart Rate Lab†(Hands-On)Lab Genetic Crosses†(Hands-On)Lab Gene Mapping†(Hands-On)U5 Mod DNA & PS†(Hands-On)U5 Mod DNA & PS†(Hands-On)U5 Mod DNA & PS†(Hands-On)

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United States

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Arizona Virtual Academy

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5323 N 99th Ave. Suite 210

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Lab Science

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  • LBIO
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