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SCI306: Applied Chemistry



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SCI306: Applied Chemistry

This course emphasizes a conceptual understanding of the foundations of chemistry and incorporates many real world applications of these concepts.† This course requires less math than the typical traditional chemistry course. It is ideal for students who don?t plan to major in STEM subjects in college. Concepts covered: matter; energy; the metric system; the scientific method; the atom; the periodic table; ionic and covalent bonds; chemical reactions; stoichiometry; gases; liquids; and solids; solutions; and acids and bases; chemical thermodynamics; reaction rates and system equilibria; electrochemical processes; organic chemistry and biochemistry; and nuclear chemistry.

Course length: Two Semesters

Materials: Chemistry: Problems and Solutions; common household materials for labs; virtual labs

Prerequisites: None

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United States

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Washington Virtual Academy

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Lab Science

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  • LCHM
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