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SS105 A/B - AmericaN/Arizona History


World Studies

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Learning about history allows people to see how far we have come and what awaits us on our path to the future. In this course; students will explore the history of the United States and analyze the cause and effect in historical events. They will investigate history by using the tools of a historian to examine the historical; geographic; political; economic; and sociological events that influenced the development of the United States. Students will imagine what it was like to live in the past by reading the stories from the people who experienced it. This course begins with the engaging stories of what drove the American colonists to declare their independence and ends with analysis of events of the 21st century. Engaging in this study allows students to recognize the themes of history that span across centuries and leads to a greater appreciation of the development of the United States and the resulting impact on world history.

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United States

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Gilbert Global Academy

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55 N Greenfield Road

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US History

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  • AMHS
  • 1 year of US History
  • SSCI
  • 1 year of other Social Science

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Online / Virtual