Types of Food Processing Equipment

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Types of Food Processing Equipment
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Whether you own a restaurant or run a food production facility, it is essential to have the right equipment. The equipment you choose should be safe and hygienic. In addition, it should also have a high level of efficiency. This article will explore the different food processing equipment you may need. In addition, you will learn about Federal Hospitality Equipment.

Food processing equipment can be divided into two categories based on its function: a preparation unit operation and a preservation unit operation. In the preparation unit operation, you may need to wash, prepare, cook, bake, and freeze food. You may also need to assemble, pack, or store food. Depending on your operation, you may need to use different types of equipment.

Preparation equipment may include various tools and appliances, including mixers, fryers, grills, and food storage containers. For example, some kitchens have special equipment, such as milkshake mixers and tortilla presses, depending on your operation, and you may also need a condenser or a heat lamp. In addition, you may need to use a Bain Marie to heat your ingredients slowly.

Preservation equipment includes a range of appliances, such as walk-in coolers and dish warmers. This equipment will keep food at a specific temperature until it is ready to serve. They are also helpful for drying food. You may also need to have a drying rack to dry foods. Using a dish warmer can dry dishes more quickly.

Size is another factor in choosing food processing equipment. Size is important because it balances the output you need to produce. It is also essential to select a size that will fit your space. The equipment you choose should also be durable. You may need to use heavy equipment if you have a lot of space, or you may want to use a small-sized piece of equipment in a small area. This way, you can have more operational flexibility.

The equipment used in each unit operation may be categorized as either batch or continuous. You should use multiple small-sized pieces of equipment to minimize your operation's workload if you have a large production facility. You may also choose to use conveyors, which are better suited for solid food. In addition, you may want to have separate refrigeration for finished cakes and baked goods.

The process of size reduction involves shearing and impact force. You may also want to use a slicer for slicing foods. A slicer is excellent for cutting meats, cheeses, and fruits. A stick mixer is also good equipment, as it can blend sauces and soups. You should use a commercial mixer if you have a large bakery.

A deep fryer is an ideal piece of equipment for frying various foods. Deep fryers can come in stand-alone models or counter-top models. Depending on your specific food preparation needs, you can also purchase different varieties of deep fryers.

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