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US/AZ History 1-2



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U.S. History details the American story from Reconstruction to the present day. Beginning with western expansion; students will analyze the impact of events including the rise of cities and capitalism; the Alaska Purchase; and the Spanish-American War. Students will understand how technological advances including the assembly line and harnessing electricity; as well as the Progressive agenda of societal reform; influenced American prosperity. Students will consider America?s rise to a world power during World War I before probing events leading up to World War II; including the Great Depression. Students will examine the momentous war and its consequences; including the Cold War and the Korean War; and investigate later 20th-century events; including the Reagan era and the Persian Gulf War. The course concludes with a look at recent events; including the War on Terrorists.The study of American History helps students analyze our national experience through time; to identify and recognize the relationships of events and people in Arizona and American History.†

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United States

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Lake Havasu City

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Lake Havasu High School

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2675 S. Palo Verde

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US History

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  • AMHS
  • 1 year of US History
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  • 1 year of other Social Science

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Online / Virtual