What is Synthetic Urine

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What is Synthetic Urine
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Synthetic urine is a liquid substance brewed to mimic real urine's appearance, composition, and chemical properties. High-quality synthetic urine will contain all of the major constituents of natural urine. The pH level and specific gravity are nearly identical. It is available as pre-mixed solutions or dried powders. It is typically a warm yellow color.


It is important to understand what synthetic urine is. Synthetic urine contains the chemical urea, which is not naturally found in human urine. Instead, it is manufactured in a lab. Friedrich Wohler created the first artificial urea in 1828. It was considered a scientific curiosity and was one of the first organic compounds produced under laboratory conditions. The discovery is considered by many to mark the beginning of organic chemistry.


When using synthetic urine, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. The best brand will come with a heating pad and a special strip for temperature measurements. It is also essential to shake the sample before submitting it for analysis. The temperature of the urine should be 90-98degF for it to pass a lab test.


Synthetic urine is a great way to pass a urine test, but it requires a lot of skill and luck. Unfortunately, some artificial urine cannot be detected by lab tests, and others do not work. The key to success is to find a legit brand.


Synthetic urine is often purchased at marijuana dispensaries or head shops, but you can also purchase it online. Head shops are likely to be more reliable sources than online retailers. There are many synthetic urine brands, and the best places to buy synthetic urine are those that offer unique products. If you decide to use synthetic urine, have enough for a test.


Once purchased, it is important to ensure the synthetic urine has a standard temperature. Human urine has a short shelf life, and it will degrade if exposed to air. For this reason, the best synthetic urine comes with a temperature strip or heating pad. If you do not have access to a lab, you can freeze the urine and use it for future purposes.


Before using synthetic urine, mix it the day before your test. Store it in a dark place and avoid direct sunlight. The best way to store it is in a refrigerator. If stored properly, the synthetic urine can last up to six months. However, it can break down into a cloudy solution if you do not use it in time.


A number of products on the market mimic the color, taste, and texture of real urine. One of these is Whizzzinator. This product is completely toxin-free and contains several chemical compounds that mimic the actual pee.


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