Denied courses

The courses below did not meet the appropriate competency equivalencies for admission processes. If you have created a new curriculum or revised your curriculum and would like it reviewed to determine if it meets competency guidelines, please submit a new competency approval form.
Course Districtsort descending City High school Requested competency code Date denied Reason
Applied Math Phoenix Judson School Math February 24, 1998
Math 100 Douglas Douglas High School Math October 1, 1997
Contemporary Cinema Phoenix Genesis Academy Alternative School Fine Arts June 9, 2004
Spanish 8 Scottsdale Chrisitan Academy Foreign Language May 9, 2003
Physics Yorkville Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago Lab Science June 19, 2006


Modern World Drama ALBUQUERQUE Sandia Preparatory School English May 12, 2000


General Science Worthington Bixby High School Lab Science August 19, 1997
Oral Communication Gresham Sam Barlow High School English February 21, 2002
Physical Science Keystone National High School Lab Science December 6, 2002


MAT 102/103 Business Math 1-2 Scottsdale Omega Academy Math June 26, 2006
Literature & Cinema Mesa Sun Valley High School English August 21, 2002
Astronomy Phoenix Thomas J. Pappas Schools Lab Science August 14, 2001
Contemp Issu Fair oaks Sacramento Waldorf School Lab Science February 25, 2002
Publications (171 & 172) Beaumont School English July 11, 2002
Independent Study in the Arts CatlinGabelSchool Fine Arts February 21, 2003
Business Math South Salem South Salem High School Math February 5, 2002
Earth Science 1/2 Phoenix Arizona Call-A-Teen Center for Excellence Lab Science May 29, 2001
All About Quilting Blueprint Education Fine Arts July 10, 2003
English 8 A-B Blueprint Education English July 12, 2003
Math 500 (pre alg) Lydia Patterson Institute Math October 30, 2000
Newspaper Gig Harbor High School English May 7, 2001
Film as Literature & Film Making Kent Lake Washington High School English January 6, 2004
Voices from the East (Mid Eastern,Eastern Lit) Seattle University Prep English February 21, 2003
Sketchpad Geometry Middlebury Milton Senior High School Math June 19, 2006
JOURNALISM 1 Hanford High School English April 20, 2004
Materials Science Technology Des Moines Mount Rainier High School Lab Science May 4, 2005
Consumer Math Scranton Penn Foster HS Math September 8, 2020
Choosing a Professional Team for Your Basement Renovations English December 20, 2022

Per ABOR Requirement: "English must include literature and have a substantial emphasis on grammar and composition. Courses such as journalism, business communications, and speech, for example may improve a student’s ability in English, but they are not devoted exclusively to the study of English and may not be substituted for a regular English course."

Webmaster 1-2 Phoenix Jess Schwartz Jewish Community High School Fine Arts September 9, 2003
General Math Douglas Douglas High School Math