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Pre-requisites: Grade of C or better in Biology

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041030 Marine Biology (Year) 10 Credits Grades 10; 11; 12
Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in Biology.
(UC Approved)
This is a year long biology course that give students an indepth look at the physical;
chemical; and geographical characteristics of the world's oceans. Students will
investigate the structure; functions; behaviors; adaptations and classifications of a variety
of plant and animals that live in the marine environment. Students will learn how energy
flows and matter cycles through the Earth's ocean system. They will gain an
understanding of the many ways in which humans interact with the world's oceans:
human use and impact on the marine environment; and the influence of the ocean on the
human experience. Laboratory activites will include dissection; experimentation; data
collection; and data analysis that develop scientific investigation and scientific thinking
skills. There is a lab fee for this course.
*Fulfills one year of JSerra lab science requirement
**Fulfills one year of UC system lab science requirement
042010 Oceanography

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United States

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San Juan Capistrano

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JSerra Catholic High School

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26351 Junipero Serra Road

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Lab Science

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  • LADV
  • Advanced science
  • LBIO
  • Biology

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Online / Virtual