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TOK is a yearlong course that is required for all IB diploma candidates. It is taught during the spring of junior year and fall of senior year.

According to the official IB description; ?This course examines the origins and validity of various ways of knowing. The content is the various subject areas of a student?s education as well as personal beliefs acquired in or out of school. The process of the course is to reflect critically upon what the student claims to know and what is professed as knowledge by others.?

The goals of this course are to gain an understanding of what it means to know something as a scientist; an artist; a mathematician; a philosopher; etc.; how the forms of knowledge relate to one another; and how to think critically ToK will examine the connectivity of each of these areas through philosophical and artistic lenses. We will utilize kinesthetic artistic expression; visual artistic exploration and creation; and musical expression as ways of knowing when we explore the areas of knowing in the curriculum.

Portfolio assessment will combine with a ToK essay as the course final.

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United States

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Cave Creek

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Cactus Shadow High School

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P.O. Box 426

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Fine Arts

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  • FIAR
  • 1 year of Fine Art

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Please provide further explanation as to how this course meets the ABOR requirements of fine arts courses are defined as ..."those that provide the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in the production and performance; analysis; interpretation; and evaluation; and historical and cultural aspects of the visual and performing arts. Courses must combine theory and practice and include critical thinking skills." A course syllabus may be helpful in determining the eligiblity of ToK class as a fine arts.

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