Course title

GD 103


Introduction to Graphic Design

Course description

Students in this intermediate course will review the history; fundamentals; and cultural differences associated with graphic design. Students will continue to analyze; interpret; and evaluate existing graphic design pieces from the world around them; and apply these skills in the creation of their own designs through traditional art mediums; digital photography and the Adobe Creative Suite software. Students in this class will have the opportunity to see their designs realized through real-world applications; including; but not limited to the school yearbook; which may require work outside of class time to complete.

School country

United States

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High school

Williams Field High School

School / district Address

2076 S. Higley Rd.

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Requested competency code

Fine Arts

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Approved competency code

  • CTE
  • Career and technical education
  • FIAR
  • 1 year of Fine Art

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Online / Virtual