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English I,II and II

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Senior Practicum is composed of five distinct learning activities. As the final language arts credit required for graduation; the course provides an academic curriculum. As a practicum; its work supports the experiential learning composing the other four aspects of the course - experiences unique to the senior year. Those are: The Five-Twelve Buddy Program; Community Partnership (a year-long senior-class-as-a-group commitment to one specific service organization); Senior Project (preparatory planning; a portfolio; a research paper; the practical experience; and a presentation); and College Advising (instruction in the crafting of the personal essay and time devoted to consultation with our college advisor). The academic units supporting those learning experiences are grounded in the Tesseract Humanities Department essential questions. Diverse content provides different vehicles through with to consider those essential questions and cultivate connections between those thoughts and the course's practical experiences. Those content vehicles include: an investigation of the essay (from Montaigne to Alexie); Plato's dialogues; Appiah's Cosmopolitanism and Shakespeare's The Tempest as ethical explorations; More's Utopia and Orwell's 1984 present imaginary worlds that reveal our potential; Wiesel's Night and The Way to Rainy Mountain; by N. Scott Momaday; exemplify the challenges of crafting personal narratives. Students will view and listen to select media; and read other essays; poems; a novel; a non-fiction selection; and a contemporary play; demonstrating skills and understandings through written essays and imaginatively crafted projects. As the culminating humanities educational experience at Tesseract; the course is a path facilitating individuation through personal autonomy and a demonstration of how Tesseract School walks its talk.

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