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Alg 1-2 Hon



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In this course; students will apply new algebraic skills and concepts in a more sophisticated fashion to solve real-life problems and gain fluency in using properties of operations to rewrite expressions. By the end of this course; students will master linear and quadratic functions and explore other kinds of functions to reinforce general principles. In preparation for Geometry; the understanding of the analytical geometry of lines will be solidified. As students acquire mathematical tools from the study of algebra and functions; they will be able to solve a wide variety of word problems in multiple ways and support their reasoning with viable oral and written arguments. This course aligns with the National Collegiate Honors Council’s expectations for university Honors course pedagogy. The course format will follow these objectives in the delivery of the content: 1. Discussion and writing are the hallmarks of Honors classes. Students will consistently use writing; both in class and out; as a means to express ideas and prepare for discussions. 2. The course is discussion-oriented rather than lecture. The instructor provides background to inform the discussion and guide the research; as students are given time in advance to read; research and prepare their responses in writing. 3. Students work to develop the ability to think about a broad range of ideas and come to understand how scholars and artists work by reading and responding to primary source material; by exploring issues and problems in depth rather than quickly and superficially; and by being carefully exposed to and guided through the methods of many disciplines. Students learn to see the broad implications of each issue; as well as learning to analyze and synthesize the material. 4. Students work to become more independent as critical thinkers; demonstrating the ability to use knowledge and logic when discussing an issue or an idea; while considering the consequences of their ideas; for themselves; for others; and for society. The classroom environment is open to many perspectives and points of view; where students are encouraged to take intellectual risks and feel safe doing so.
Grade Level: 7 - 9
Entrance Requirements: Completion of Math 8 with a grade of an A and fluency in solving one-variable linear equations containing any rational numbers and in solving a variety of geometric problems involving angle measure; area; surface area and volume. Qualify on Placement Rubric and self-reflection on “Am I an Honors Student?” Scientific Calculator required

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United States

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Horizon Honors High

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16233 S 48th Street

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  • MTH1
  • 4 years of Math

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