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Junior or Senior; 3.5 un-weighted average GPA in Honors Biology and Honors Alg. 3-4.

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AP Chemistry is equivalent to a college level general chemistry course that provides rigorous study in four major areas: structure of matter; states of matter; reaction and descriptive chemistry. Students must be highly motivated to tackle this rigorous course. At the end of the year; students are required to take the Advanced Placement Examination for college credit. Students taking this course may be required to complete laboratory work outside of the regular class time. The student will demonstrate a basic understanding of; and the ability to apply; mathematical solutions to problems involving atomic theory and structures; chemical bonding; nuclear chemistry; kinetic theory; solutions; reaction types; stoichiometry; equilibrium; kinetic; thermodynamics; and descriptive chemistry.

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United States

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Lake Havasu City

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Lake Havasu High School

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2675 Palo Verde Blvd. S.

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Lab Science

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  • LCHM
  • Chemistry

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Online / Virtual