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This course is an introduction to technical skills and knowledge for a mixture of CMT program areas that are reflected at LHHS. The focus of the coursework will be in line with the specific industry(ies) that are available and relevant to the student’s future plans for post-secondary and/or business & industry. Through demonstrations and hands on work; students will use the knowledge that they obtain to produce projects demanded by real world jobs; for example news page; news site; news broadcast; photojournalism project (picture packet); and an infographic.
Because this is a rigorous course and self-motivation is such an important part of this curriculum; students who cannot work at this level and have a “D” or “F” at semester will not be allowed to continue the course the following semester. Students will have the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA.
Instruction will include:
? Analyzing the media industry; business practices and its role in the economy.
? Investigating the Intellectual Property Law and Rights Management.
? Demonstrating verbal and nonverbal communication skills required by the media industry.
? Demonstrating written communication skills within the media industry.
? Utilizing computer applications to manage media.
? Appling knowledge of data capture and manipulation.
? Becoming versed in various software applications including: Adobe Suite (InDesing; Photoshop; etc); Google Drive and apps (Calendar; Gmail; Web Pages; Blogs).
? Exposing students to the materials; processes; and artistic techniques involved in film; television; or video.
? Providing students with a basic; working knowledge of photographic techniques.
? Learning about theories and the application of the theories indesign and photography (compositional elements; design elements; color theory; editing styles; layout; and typography).
? Using the computer as an alternate medium for visual expression and gain knowledge of digital photography that can be applied to school newspaper or yearbook projects.

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United States

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Lake Havasu City

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Lake Havasu High School

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2675 Palo Verde Blvd. S.

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Fine Arts

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  • CTE
  • Career and technical education
  • FIAR
  • 1 year of Fine Art

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Online / Virtual