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Course Title: 9th Grade English

Length of Course: 1 year (1 credit)

Prerequisite(s): None

Course Description: 9th grade English is a course that covers literature of different time periods and countries. The course will use a novels; short stories; poems; and plays to challenge students to understand components of literature and writing. Throughout the year students will practice writing essays; research papers; persuasive essays; on-demand writing; compare and contrast essays; while incorporating grammatical skills learned.

Units and Topics Covered:
The Short-Story Collections
• Literature: A portable Anthology
• Young Goodman Brown
• The Cask of Amontillado
• A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
• The House on Mango Street

The Poetry Collections
• Indian Burying Ground
• Dreams Deferred – Langston Hughes
• Dreams
• Mother to Son
• If – Rudyard Kipling
• Alone – Maya Angelou

Required Titles
• The Odyssey
• Of Mice and Men
• Romeo and Juliet
• To Kill a Mockingbird (summer reading)

Honors Option; Additional Titles
• The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
• Great Expectations
• Snow in August
• The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

• Basic Essay Structure (Introduction; Body; Conclusion)
• Write for assessment (on-demand writing)
• Persuasive Essay
• Response to Literature Essay
• Compare-Contrast Essay
• Research Paper (using clear research methods and questions)
• Write in MLA Style

• Parts of speech
• Basic parts of a sentence
• active voice vs. passive voice
• Subjects and verbs.
• Run-on sentences and sentence fragments.
• sentence coordination and subordination (compound and complex sentences)
• consistent verb tense
• English usage.

Literary terms.
• These literary terms and concepts: anecdote; description; dialect; fantasy; fiction; foreshadowing; image/imagery; irony (dramatic irony; irony of situation [situational] irony; verbal irony); narration; narrative; narrator; nonfiction; plot (exposition; conflict; climax/anticlimax; denouement/resolution); point of view (first-person; third-person omniscient; third-person limited); setting; simile; theme; act/scene; alliteration; aside; ballad; comedy; connotation; denotation; diction; drama; epic; epic simile (Homeric simile); figurative language; foot; free verse; iamb/iambic; literal language; metaphor; meter; pentameter; personification; rhyme (end rhyme; internal rhyme); rhyme scheme; scan (scansion); soliloquy; stage directions; stanza; tetrameter; tragedy.

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Calvary Chapel High School

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  • 4 years of English

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