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Algebra 2 with instructor permission or Pre-Calculus

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Physics (This course has significant math content and can satisfy a 4th year math credit)
The goal of this course is to understand and apply the scientific process; as well as to understand the physical processes of the universe and how they apply to our daily lives. Students will be able to apply mathematics in order to use formulas and equations to explain natural phenomena. In order to practice these concepts; students will complete assignments; conduct prepared laboratory activities; design and conduct their own experiments and demonstrate this knowledge on examinations. During Semester 1; we will focus on forces and motion; forces in fluids; work; power; and machines; energy; and thermal energy and heat. During Semester 2; we will focus on mechanical waves and sound; the electromagnetic spectrum; electricity; and magnetism; and nuclear physics. During both semesters; we will apply the general physical concepts we learn in class to astronomical observations and phenomena. (Prerequisites: Pre-calculus or Algebra 2 with instructor permission)

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United States

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Metropolitan Arts Institute

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1700 N. 7th Ave.

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Lab Science

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  • LPHY
  • Physics

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In the course description it is mentioned this course satifies 4th year of math. If trying to get this course approved for Math Advance or 4th year of math will need additional information about math being taught in course.

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