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Fine Art


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This course will concentrate on the the study of three-dimensional design and the variety of materials artists use to create sculpture. Students will have the opportunity to create in clay; wood; wire; glass; metal and 3D printing. Training with the various tools used to shape each medium will help students broaden their abilities and refine their individual styles. Problem solving and artistic development will occur as students plan; revise and reflect on their process. A deeper understanding of sculpture will be gained by analyzing 3D works from various time periods and cultures. Field trips to museums; studios; and businesses around our community will introduce students to the vast and exciting careers available in the field of art. Guest artists will share their skills and experiences in their area of expertise as they work with students in the classroom. Students will photograph their work and create a website to document their journey throughout their high school career. This portfolio will grow to be a great resource for college and internship opportunities.

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United States

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15002 N 32nd Street Phoenix, AZ

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Fine Arts

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  • FIAR
  • 1 year of Fine Art

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