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This course is a beginning level ballet; jazz and modern dance class. The emphasis of this class is on technique and alignment. Various turns; leaps and formal steps will be taught as well as an introduction to choreography. Students need no previous dance experience to succeed in the course. Students are required to perform in some capacity for dance productions. Dancewear will be required. This course may be repeated for credit; however; once a student takes Intermediate Dance this course cannot be repeated. While Personal Development has been the primary physical education class required for graduation credit and every effort should be made to schedule freshmen in Personal Development; one-half credit of Beginning Dance and one-half credit of A+ online Health may be used for the required Personal Development course credit. Fee required.

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United States

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1481 N. Eliseo Felix Jr. Way

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Fine Arts

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  • FIAR
  • 1 year of Fine Art

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