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Students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation for dance as an art form through participation; observation and self-assessment. This course will introduce the student to basic theories;fundamental concepts; movements; and terminology of classical ballet; hip hop/jazz; and modern dance as well as improvisation and choreography. Students will work on enhancing their strength; flexibility; coordination;musicality; endurance; balance and focus. Students will also develop an understanding of anatomy and proper alignment as it applies to the technical aspects of classical ballet; hip hop/jazz and modern dance. Students will work towards increased versatility of their movement range as well as performance quality. Out of school
rehearsals and performances are required. This is a Fine Arts elective course.

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United States

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Cave Creek

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Cactus Shadow High School

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PO Box 426

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Fine Arts

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  • FIAR
  • 1 year of Fine Art

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Online / Virtual