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Lab Science


Biology and Chemistry

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This course begins by establishing a foundational knowledge of anatomical terminology; brief review of chemistry; enzymes; and human tissue types. The student will study both anatomy and physiology of the major body systems; integumentary; skeletal; muscular; nervous; circulatory; respiratory; immune; digestive (including nutrition); excretory; and reproductive. Normal structures and functions will be compared with abnormalities and disease states. Investigative labs; dissections; case studies; model building; sketching; presentations; and projects complement classroom instruction. This course illustrates the amazing complexity with which God designed the human body and inspires students to properly care for the body that God has given them.

Syllabus: Anatomy & Physiology (Regular)
Mrs. Wood; Room 9

Welcome to the wonderful world of the human body!! I am happy to have each one of you here and I look forward to a great year of learning together. I firmly believe that ALL of you are capable of doing well with persistence and determination. The study of human anatomy is a fascinating field because it is the study of your life… The purposes of this course are to discover the characteristics of God as revealed in the human body; and to develop skills and knowledge that will enhance your daily life;
your future education; and your career decisions.

Both the student and the teacher have responsibilities in the learning process. As a teacher; I am committed to helping you learn by explaining concepts and guiding you through scientific experiences. You will learn if you commit to 3 things: actively participate; stay organized; and study regularly. The actual learning is up to you!

A. You will need: A 3-ring binder; loose-leaf paper; 15 sheets of graph paper; the lab packet; 7 dividers;
a calculator; pencil and pen; colored pencils; and 1 large white poster board. Textbooks need only
be brought when told the day before.
B. Your binder; containing all papers in order is due on test days. See class handout for details.

GRADING SYSTEM: You earn a grade based on the number of points you have earned in:
1. Labs; in-class work; bell work…. 25%
2. Homework …………………...… 20%
3. Notebook Organization…………. 5%
4. Exams & Quizzes……………….. 50%

The percentage of points earned in these areas determines your grade as follows:
90 - 100 % Superior work = A 65 – 69 % Inferior work = D
80 - 89 % Excellent work = B below 65 % No credit = F
70 – 79 % Average work = C
Some assignments will not be graded although you will receive a + or a -. Plus marks act as extra credit if you are borderline at grading periods. Some assignments are graded in class by students or by teacher aides to expedite the return of papers and for reinforcement of concepts. Occasionally only one lab from a lab team is graded.

Homework: Homework will usually come in one of 3 forms: reading assignments; completing labs; or studying for quizzes or tests. Written homework is due at the beginning of the period and will be collected by Mrs. Wood as soon as the bell rings. Work should be neat and in complete sentences unless otherwise specified. Poor grammar and spelling affect the clarity of your knowledge and your grade.

PASSES: Only 4 per semester for bathroom; locker; etc. Check out requires phone check in!

ABSENT???? What do you do?
1. Look at the BLUE clipboard; update your planner or assignment list. Do NOT ___________!
2. Schedule a MAKE-UP DATE with me after school.
3. Its due within 2 days!!

LATE WORK Late work really hurts your grade!
One day late 5 points off
More than 1 day late; up until test day. Half credit.
After the test for that chapter. One point.

COURSE SUMMARY: In this course; we will not only study the names of body structures; but we will also study how the molecules; cells; and larger structures work together to maintain the conditions necessary for life. We will also investigate what occurs when disease or injury interrupts these functions; and what our body and medical professionals can do to remedy the situation. In addition; we will have some guest speakers that will enhance your appreciation of the body and its care; and expose you to some possible career pathways. Following is a tentative summary of our schedule.

First Semester: (Topics for dividers) Second Semester:
Ch 1: Foundations of the Human Body Ch 8: The Endocrine System
Unit 2: Basic Body Chemistry Ch 10 & 11: Blood & the Cardiovascular System
Ch 2 & 3: Tissues & Membranes Ch 12: The Immune and Lymphatic Systems
Ch 4: The Skeletal System Ch 9 & 14: The Respiratory & Urinary Systems
Ch 5: The Muscular System Ch 13: The Digestive System & Nutrition
Ch 6 & 7: The Nervous System Ch 15: The Reproductive System & Embryology

CHEATING: Be a person of honesty and integrity in every way! Any student who participates in cheating and/or cheating behaviors (copying; plagiarism; whispering; roving eyes; paper scraps; etc) will receive a zero for that assignment. The office and your parents will also be notified. Answers that are duplicates of another person’s work are considered cheating. You must formulate your own grammar and spelling of your answers on all assignments. You are responsible for notifying me if someone is pressuring you to become involved in cheating. If you help another student cheat; you have engaged in a cheating behavior and you will also receive a zero. Please refer to the student handbook.

LEARNING GOAL: I understand the responsibilities and behaviors that will help me learn. After reviewing these guidelines; my goal for this year in Anatomy is to earn a grade of ______.

PARENTS: Please read these pages carefully. Note that I do assign homework regularly; and that your son's/daughter's grade is affected by missing work. The best way to reach me is to email me ( My phone is a slower way to contact me (797-0107; ext. 109) between 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm. I look forward to getting to know your teenager and meeting you at Back to School Night at 6:30 pm on Thursday; August 25th. I understand and support all of the above policies. (A copy of these policies is available on Blackbaud.)

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