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Biology and One Additional Science Course

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Forensic Science (Course #1547-1548) Grade Level: 11-12
Prerequisite: Biology and one additional science course.

Fulfills UC/CSU "d" - Laboratory Science

Forensic science is a laboratory-based; introduction to the analysis of crime scenes by collecting
and analyzing physical evidence. This course is designed to integrate the fundamental scientific
disciplines while giving students both theory and hands-on experience with the skills and
knowledge required of a forensic crime scene investigator. This multidisciplinary approach will
highlight topics in DNA; genetics; anatomy; chemistry; physics; entomology; botany; and
investigative techniques with supplemental subject matter through case studies; earth science;
mathematics; medicine; technology and sociology. In addition; the ethical; legal; and social
concerns surrounding forensics will be discussed.
Sample evidence for analysis will include; but is not limited to; fingerprints; DNA; projectiles and
trajectories; hair; fibers; toxicology; blood spatter patterns; ballistics; chromatography;
entomology; soil samples; flowers; and impressions. Process skills will include comparative
analysis; critical thinking; deductive reasoning; interviewing; observation; organization; problem
solving; research; communication; evidence collection; lab safety; and technical reading.

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United States

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San Diego

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Cathedral Catholic High School

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5555 Del Mar Heights Road

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Lab Science

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  • LINT
  • Integrated science

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