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Music Course Description & Outline
Young Artist Society empowers future generations to pursue education; serve their community and achieve success creatively. We teach how to learn through music; education; and entrepreneurship. We target students in Title I schools and teach the fundamentals to create songs in a digital audio workstation. Student creativity is fostered through mentorship and peer collaboration. These teachings are solidified by presenting music as a product in a way that teaches entrepreneurial skills to students; so they may sustain a future in a creative career. Our goal is to help young people see their true value and power while infusing creativity and big dreams into everything that we do.
We live in an era where creatives are winning. Digital art and media content is at an all-time high. Young Artist Society’s core music program focuses on teaching the basics of music production using an online digital audio studio. We demonstrate practical uses of their creativity through weekly projects. Our goal is to translate the fun and creativity of making music to a better understanding of how to serve the marketplace.
For students that demonstrate a higher level of commitment; we focus on careers in the music industry; the characteristics of highly successful people and practical steps for marketing your work.
We encourage and promote creativity and give students opportunities to work together and execute their ideas. We use weekly projects; participation points; student showcases and 1:1 feedback to teach and evaluate competency in making music. Students are given the experience to demonstrate work and receive feedback regularly.
Our program is designed to be taught in a wide range of applications; from a simple two- hour workshop to a multi-semester curriculum. We adapt projects to accommodate the current audience. Because we focus on the business of music; students who show higher levels of commitment are given more frequent challenges to expand their understanding of careers in the creative space.
There are also opportunities for independent study. I.S. students will work on creating a completed radio quality demo along with setting up online stores for their music. Students will receive regular feedback from their class mentor.
Intro Class Outline
1. Intro to the history of Young Artist Society.
2. Account setup of online studio resources.
3. Basic instruction of beat production
a. Navigating the software interface of a digital audio workstation
b. Use of basic music loop packs
c. The purpose of each instrument/instrument section
d. Major/Minor scales
e. How to sequence drums; rhythm and bass f. Creating a melody
g. Recording
h. Collaborating with others in the studio
i. Basics of mixing; editing and effects
j. Lyrics
4. Song dynamics
a. Breaking down your favorite songs and recreating them
b. Understanding the parts of a song: Intro; chorus; verse; bridge; outro
c. Basic understanding of what you like and why
d. Properties of a “good song”
5. Understanding music as a product
a. Where do you listen?
b. What artists do you listen to?
c. What makes you listen again?
d. Why are you loyal to them and their product?
e. How do people in the industry make money?
f. Who else is involved besides the artist?
g. What are practical uses of music in day-to-day life?
6. Performance
a. Regular project sharing in class
b. Showcase at the end of the quarter/semester/year
c. Opportunities for community showcases & contests
Advanced Class Outline
1. Research opportunities for creative careers in the marketplace
2. Determine what level of education or experience is needed for the creative career of your
3. Create a demo
4. Record podcasts
5. Record music videos
6. Explore and understand what you are capable of
7. Study best business practices
8. Study characteristics of highly successful people
9. Explore common myths people believe about themselves and obstacles they face
10. Goal setting
11. Marketing and promotions your music
12. Building culture within your team to drive success
13. Learn the essentials of emotional intelligence and personal dynamics that help people
achieve success
14. Problems solve on case studies of situations that may arise when selling your music as a
product & how to handle them.
Independent Study Outline
1. Create 2nd demo
2. Set-up online beat store
3. Mix/Master begin to create radio-qaulity music
4. Explore all aspects of higher education relating to music production
5. Receive 1:1 Feedback from mentor – typically will not participate in lecture/class
discussion; yet is free to do so.
Young Artist Society is committed to personalized mentoring and connection to build relationships and affect a heart change. We are focused on how our students learn in order to help them achieve success. The ability to navigate real world obstacles is critical and extremely rewarding. We use music production because to gain attention because it has the power to motivate students to dig deep and accomplish amazing things.

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