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Advanced Placement



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AP Literature and Composition:

AP Literature and Composition is designed for students to closely read and analyze imaginative texts (primarily British and American works) so that they can achieve a better understanding of how authors use language to send a message or promote pleasure for their readers. While reading; students must dissect texts in order to glean an understanding of its structure; style; and theme as well as uncovering its tone; symbolism; figurative language; and imagery. Students write a variety of literary responses (timed; in-class; take home; narrative; argumentative; exploratory).

Unit 1: Introduction and Thinking About Literature
Unit 2: Identity
Unit 3: The Beginning: Classical Tragedy
Unit 4: Evolution to Modern European Writing
Unit 5: Satire
Unit 6: Rebellion or Conformity?
Unit 7: Love; Romanticism; and Poetry
Unit 8: Madness
Unit 9: Literature Circles

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United States

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Phoenix Collegeegiate Academy High

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4445 S. 12th St.

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  • ENGL
  • 4 years of English

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