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Algebra I

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Chemistry (comprehensive; honors ? 1 credit): The high school chemistry course

isa two-segment study of the foundations of chemistry; building on the concepts and scientific thinking

laid in middle school science. Students use scientific inquiry and higher-order problem solving as they

explore the composition; properties; and changes of matter and their applications through interactive

simulations; engineering solutions; and virtual and hands-on experiences. Scientific inquiry; research;

experimental procedures; data collection and analysis; and making inferences are an integral part of the

learning experience. In addition; technology; engineering; and mathematics (STEM) concepts are

integrated throughout the course. Through phenomenon-based learning; students will be able to

demonstrate a vast understanding of the importance of chemistry in the world; enabling them to apply

these principles to their everyday lives and our global society. Grades 10-12. Prerequisite: Successful

completion of Algebra I with a letter grade of C or higher; or B or higher for Chem. I Honors. (KS

Regents Qualified Admissions approved; NCAA approved)

Chemistry Labs

***All labs require 2 hours or more to complete

  • Density Measurements Lab†

  • Quantization of Energy Lab

  • Molecular Structure Lab†

  • Reactions in our World Lab

  • Percent Yield Lab†

  • Ideal Gas Lab†

  • Endothermic and Exothermic Lab

  • Solutions Lab

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United States

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Lawrence Virtual School

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1104 E 1000 Rd

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Lab Science

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  • LCHM
  • Chemistry

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