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Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery



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Forensics: Using Science to Solve a Mystery is a semester-long high school course that overviewsmodern-day forensic science careers at work using science concepts to collect and analyzeevidence and link evidence to the crime and suspects in order to present admissible evidence incourts of law. Projects in this course include simulated crime-scene investigation; actual DNAseparation; development of a cybersecurity plan; and the identification of specific forensic skills usedduring the course of a very large murder case. The focus of this course is to assist students inmaking career choices. The overview of careers includes job descriptions and availability;educational and training requirements; licensing and certification; and typical annual salaries.Students who take this class will become equipped to make more informed career choices regardingthe forensic; computer science; and medical science fields. At the same time; students will surveythe history and scope of present-day forensic science work.

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United States

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690 W. Spring Street, Kingman, AZ

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  • CTE
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